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THOSE people...

"THOOOOSE People".
We all know them, no matter our line of work, we ALL know them. THOSE people who are actively engaged in every meaningful conversation (even if the-rest-of-us are still looking for a pen). THOSE people who are actively engaged in every event, schedule, after-hours service, and committee (even when the-rest-of-us are not sure our shoes match). THOSE people who let the words "let's figure this out" escape from their lips far more often and far, FAR in advance of any words that resemble "can't" or "won't" (even when the-rest-of-us "can't" get the key in the bathroom door fast enough). THOSE people who are probably helping everyone in the workplace to the degree that they are probably only able to do their actual job somewhere between REM sleep and the first time their spouse snores or steals the covers.  THOSE people, who almost never ask for much at all from their co-workers, but never forget to do some…

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